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Special Needs Experience at Cumberland Trust

Many people face the challenge of supporting a loved one with special needs. Ensuring funds to meet the lifetime needs of that person after the guardians are no longer alive is particularly problematic. Cumberland Trust has been helping special needs families navigate special needs trusts since we were founded in 2001. Our senior management team has a cumulative 120-plus years’ experience in the field of trust administration and our special needs trust team understands the complex issues involved.

We focus on maintaining the delicate balance between protecting the assets for the long term while ensuring that the beneficiary is cared for. Our special needs team is composed of sensitive, caring professionals who have a unique ability to work with the critical and complex situations of special needs. We coordinate services to ease the family’s burden, including full bill payment services.

Special needs trusts require specialized knowledge, a team-oriented approach and, above all, true compassion. Cumberland Trust officers are available to consult with families, attorneys and financial advisors about the benefits of special needs trusts.

To learn more about Cumberland Trust’s unique approach to trust administration, please call one of our advisors at 615.783.2540.

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