Cumberland Trust offers an advisor-friendly platform. We provide trust administration services in conjunction with the expertise from the family's team of accountants, attorneys, and investment advisors.

We do not offer investment management services and, as a result, there is no conflict with the services provided by the financial advisor. In essence, our independent roles create a complementary relationship that allows a competitive and optimally managed trust solution for our mutual clients.




We believe that asset management and trust administration are separate functions. Because we are focused solely on providing trust administration services, we do not offer investment advice. Our strict adherence to working with outside investment advisors allows us to focus our efforts on providing premier service to the trust beneficiaries. With Cumberland Trust as your trust partner, you, the wealth manager, can:

  • Manage the assets of your client's trust strategically and comprehensively with the other assets of your client.

  • Offer this innovative trust solution to other existing clients that may not know it is available.

  • Have the tools to educate your clients regarding the pitfalls of naming a corporate executor or trustee that may not engage you as the investment advisor.

  • Improve client retention and loyalty.

Working with Cumberland Trust can help you best serve the needs of your clients, while offering the kinds of personalized administrative services that your clients need most. You can focus on the market, while we focus on the family.



Cumberland Trust holds a charter and maintains our principal place of business in Tennessee, a trust-friendly state. We are often asked to serve as trustee in other states; however, the better question is whether a trust, currently administered in another state, can be moved to Tennessee with Cumberland Trust.

Almost any trust can be moved to Tennessee and receive the benefit of Tennessee's trust laws. Cumberland Trust helps coordinate the transfer process on behalf of the trust beneficiaries to reduce any potential burden on the family. We strive to make the trust transfer process as easy and seamless as possible for the beneficiaries and are committed to keeping close contact with our clients, regardless of their location.


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