Establishing a trust is not merely a plan to avoid taxes. Instead, a trust helps to ensure your assets – the ones that you’ve worked so hard to build – are distributed in the time frame and manner that you want. Creating a trust can protect your assets and make sure those assets are managed for the benefit of your children or loved ones.

Cumberland Trust acts as a truly independent trust company. We are not investment advisors and focus our efforts solely on trust administration. We are compassionate and diplomatic when dealing with complex family relationships. Our platform promotes a high level of communication and responsiveness from our trust administrators to the clients we serve.

Cumberland Trust is located in one of the most trust-friendly states, giving our clients and their assets access to very favorable trust laws. We specialize in a variety of trust services including, but not limited to, revocable living trusts, marital and credit shelter trusts, irrevocable grantor trusts, asset protection trusts, community property trusts, grantor-retained annuity trusts (GRATs), qualified personal residence trusts (QPRTs), generation skipping and dynasty trusts, qualified domestic trusts (QDOTs), irrevocable life insurance trusts, family foundations, and charitable trusts.

Cumberland Trust provides continuity to ensure that your beneficiaries have a reliable trustee and someone to turn to throughout the duration of the trust.



Family Office and Foundations
Cumberland Trust's Family Management Services team serves as an independent resource to you and your advisors by providing a high level of service in addressing the personal needs of your family. Additionally, our team can assist established family offices or multi-family offices by offering services that complement those currently being provided by your family office. Moreover, we have experience in the administration of private foundations.
As an independent trust company, we are ideally situated to work with your chosen investment advisors, attorneys, and accountants to coordinate the management of your trust or foundation. This independence allows us to focus on what we do best, which is taking care of families and handling the complex family dynamics that stretch across multiple generations. In order to achieve your philanthropic and financial goals, Cumberland Trust provides service delivery, technical expertise, stability, organization, and sensitivity to you and your family.
Every family is different. Consequently, we build our family management services around your family's specific needs. Not only does this allow us to customize a management strategy to your unique goals, but it also allows us to remain flexible as your goals evolve and change over time.



Senior Care, Special Purpose, and Special Needs Trusts
When faced with planning for the future, some families may determine they require assistance that extends well beyond the typical trustee relationship. Regardless of the reason – senior care, medical needs, or other unique circumstances – our team has the flexibility and dedication to respond to the changing needs of your loved ones. 
Our Distinctive Care team is composed of sensitive, caring professionals who have an exceptional ability to work with critical and complex situations specific to each family. We coordinate a full range of tailored services to ease the family’s concern and provide support and stability to any beneficiary with unique needs.
We are dedicated to working with individuals living with developmental disabilities, debilitating and terminal illnesses, or struggling with addiction. Cumberland Trust's Distinctive Care services extend far beyond financial issues and include assistance to our clients with physical or emotional needs.


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